Terms and conditions

These terms and conditions apply to the use of Slypee. By using this service, the client acknowledges and agrees to these terms and conditions. Slypee is a subscription service. Charges will be charged to your mobile account or deducted from your prepaid account. Carrier or data charges may apply.

1. Method of Subscription

User can subscribe by clicking subscribe button on slypee portal. Once you subscribe to Slypee, you will receive subscription success SMS. Follow the instructions to download the content of your choice.

2. Liability

2.1. The liability of the submitter and its management company is limited to the amount of subscription fees actually paid.

2.2 We shall not be liable for any loss or damage which we could not reasonably have expected at the commencement of the contract, or for any loss or damage to data, systems, equipment,

2.3. In respect of any insured prize, the liability of the Promoter and its management company is limited to the amounts recoverable under the applicable insurance policy.

3. Email and Mobile Marketing Terms and Conditions:

By providing us with your mobile number and/or email address, you consent to Slypee and its management company sending you an occasional email or text message notifying you of the latest offers and promotions available from our group. If you ever wish to be unsubscribed from any of our email/text broadcasts, you will be provided with an "UNSUBSCRIBE" link in each email.

4. Assignment

Slypee reserves the right to assign acceptance and acceptance of these Terms, in whole or in part, at any time without notice. The User may not assign any of their rights or obligations resulting from their consent and acceptance of these Terms.

5. Contact support email ID:


6. Changes to these Terms

We aim to meet high standards and our policies and procedures are therefore constantly reviewed. From time to time, we may update our terms and conditions and privacy policy to optimize the user experience and comply with legal and regulatory obligations. We therefore recommend that you check this page regularly to review our current policies.

7. Trademarks / Logos / Images

Trademarks, service marks, logos (including, without limitation, individual product, and vendor names) are the property of their respective owners. Brands/logos/images used were not created with participation in this ad, nor have they been reviewed or authorized in any way by the owners of this ad.